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Safety compliance … simplified

Regulatory compliance is confusing.  

We simplify safety compliance by interpreting the regulatory standards that apply to your organization and presenting you with practical solutions that meet or exceed compliance requirements.  

Compliance needs vary by industry and hazard exposure. Our two-prong operational risk assessment includes a comprehensive interview and facility tour, which provides not only an understanding of your business operations, but also allows us the opportunity to observe real-time employee behaviors and work conditions.  Together, we will identify your pain points, establish your goals, and develop a customized action plan to meet or exceed your compliance requirements.

Who do we serve?

Serving Midwestern aviation, manufacturing, and trucking businesses.

When your organization depends upon labor-intensive processes to produce your product or service, you understand the importance of safety and the many regulatory requirements imposed upon you as an employer.  But interpreting those regulatory standards can be confusing.  That's where we come in.

We work with business owners and executives just like you. We do the research and help you interpret regulatory requirements.  We evaluate your processes to determine which standards apply to your organization and how to best protect you and your employees.  From PPE to policy, we have you covered.  We help you meet or exceed OSHA safety standards and build a culture of safety that:

  • protects your workers
  • reduces lost time injury claims, and
  • positively impacts your bottom line over the long term. 

We partner with your executive team, safety managers, compliance officers, quality assurance teams, and fleet managers to achieve objectives that are meaningful to you. Our goal is to help you prevent worker injuries, reduce operational risks, and drive profits through a keen focus on safety, compliance, and risk management. 

Safety Matters

Specializing in the aviation, manufacturing, and trucking sectors.

At last count, 14 American workers died of work-related injuries every day.  That’s 14 fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, and friends who didn’t make it home to their loved ones … per day.  That’s why we believe that every consultation is an opportunity to save a life.  That’s why our philosophy of “Protect the worker and everyone wins” is more than a tag line. 

We know that safety is the universal cornerstone of success. Employee injuries and lost time claims directly impact productivity and revenue. Our services deliver practical, tangible solutions that help you reduce workplace hazards and operational risks.  We realize you have choices and pride ourselves in being the best at what we do. Our 30-plus years of experience includes hands-on, in-depth knowledge of occupational safety and health, insurance claims investigation, policy review and development, and commercial safety and risk management. 

We believe in safety.

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